Stone and Tile Services in Savannah, GA

remodeled kitchen

Creative Stone Accessories, Inc. takes pride in bringing customers not only the best in stone styles and varieties, but also assisting customers in incorporating these materials into their homes and businesses. From beautiful tile floors, to immaculate stone countertops in Savannah, GA, we do it all.


Not only are they beautiful, stone countertops are also resilient, durable and value-additive to your home or business. They put a classic, timeless spin on any décor and breathe life into your kitchens bathrooms and workspaces like no other installation can.

We help customers pick and design their ideal custom countertops in Savannah, GA, then fabricate and install them to perfection. The results are sure to enhance your space!


We specialize in assisting homeowners with kitchen and bathroom remodels. Our goal is to help you update these oft-used rooms of the home with quality materials like stone and tile, to help add value to your home and increase the versatility and comfort of these spaces. We’re with you every step of the way during a remodel—from conception to renovation work and beyond, to ensure the entire project comes out looking perfect.

New Construction

Building a new home or business from the ground up? Use the right materials the first time through! Creative Stone Accessories, Inc. will help you choose from a bevy of different types of stone and tile and educate you on the best way to incorporate these materials into your spaces. The result will be a truly customized atmosphere and a space that offers inherent luxury and prestige.

Tile Walls/Ceilings

Tiling is a beautiful way to finish your space. We can help you explore options for tile walls and ceilings, giving you infinite potential and possibilities when it comes to creating a décor scheme that’s fitting for your living space.

In addition to all of the above services, we also have stone masons on hand to help you with fireplace façade design and installation, among other stone and tile services. It’s our goal to help you create the best space possible, using the finest materials available. Contact us today by calling 912-234-8485 for more information.